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Aubrey Matshiqi Speaks His Mind Regarding the Recent FNB Advertisement Controversy

The Zuma Moment and the Road to MangaungAubrey Matshiqi, author of the Tafelberg Short Book The Zuma Moment and the Road to Mangaung, recently shared his views on the FNB advertisement controversy. FNB was berated by the government for producing a series of adverts in which school children expressed their – sometimes critical – views about the country. FNB then withdrew the ads.

According to Matshiqi, in his regular column for Business Day, it is the responsibility of South African adults, the ruling party and large business entities like FNB to ensure that the nation’s children live in a country of freedom:

I LOVE things I don’t understand. One example is quantum physics, especially the idea of a parallel reality and parallel universes. I love the idea that in one universe, in the past or future, I am a slim, tall, dark and handsome Hollywood sex god, while in another, I am the leader of the ruling party of South Africa, white people worship at my feet and the black minority hates my guts.

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