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Archive for November, 2017

NB Publishers unable to establish the nature of the complaints against Jacques Pauw

The President's Keeper

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Cape Town launch: The Camp Whore by Francois Smith (14 November)

It is the First World War and Susan Nell stands before the door of a private ward in a British military hospital. On the door she reads a single name. She knows that name. Sixteen years ago, during the Anglo-Boer War, she encountered that name in a concentration camp in Winburg. She lifts her hand to open the door. Her hand shakes uncontrollably. But she is a psychiatric nurse and this is what she has to do, bring traumatised soldiers back to the light. However, if this soldier is the one who sixteen years ago thrust all light out of you with his hips, it is not that obvious. Susan Nell hesitates before she opens the door, desperately uncertain – teetering on the threshold between life and death.

The Camp Whore is the true story of a woman who was brutally raped during the Anglo-Boer War and left for the vultures. With the help of a number of benefactors she escapes the clutches of death and dedicates her life to the healing of exactly the kind of trauma to which she was subjected. And in the process re-encounters her rapists . . .

In The Camp wWhore the resilience of the human spirit is weighed up against the equally persistent influence of trauma. It is a psychological thriller that will hold you in its icy grip till the very last page.

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State Security Agency lays charges against The President’s Keepers author, Jacques Pauw

The President's Keeper

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Truly unique, Nataniël’s Closet offers a visual celebration as exceptional as its author

Truly unique, Closet offers a visual celebration as exceptional as its author.

As Nataniël looks back on his 30-year career in show business, he takes us into his closet, showing his first self-made costumes, introducing his three designers and sharing close-up details of the most astounding costumes from his shows. He shares magazine covers and photo sessions, sometimes i in exotic locations, and discusses his favourite colours.

Also with catalogues, and magazine and CD covers, Closet is a visual feast, a collector’s item and an ode to an exceptional South African artist.

Nataniël was born in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. He studied music at Stellenbosch University and first became popular as a cabaret and stage artist, but since the 1990s has also built a reputation as a writer, columnist and celebrity chef. His most recent book, 150 Stories, dominated the bestseller charts for weeks on end.
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Unprecedented turnout at the launch of Jacques Pauw’s The President’s Keepers. Take that, SSA.

Peter Bruce in conversation with Jacques Pauw at the Exclusive Books, Hyde Park launch of The President’s Keepers. Pic: Exclusive Books.


The scene was set: a crowd nearing 1000 people. Former editor of Business Day and the Financial Mail, Peter Bruce, clad in a dapper waistcoat, whip smart mind at the ready. Photographers. Journalists. Bodyguards. Extra monitors placed on upstairs levels for those unable to find seating downstairs. And investigative journalist par excellence, Jacques Pauw, comfortably seated in a swivel chair.

Yes, the Johannesburg launch of the exceptional political exposé which is Pauw’s The President’s Keepers, a body of work exposing those keeping Jacob Zuma in power (think Guptas. Think mafia. Think Russian connections.) was about to kick off – with meaning.

And then, forty minutes into their conversation, the power tripped. Eina.

But before the whole of Hyde Park was engulfed in darkness (one bonus – no one had to pay for their parking tickets!), the CEO of Exclusive Books, Benjamin Trisk, opened the event by stating that this is probably the largest audience Exclusive Books has ever had – overshadowing Redi Tlhabi’s launch of Khwezi a few months ago by a margin.

Don’t believe him? See for yourself:

“I’d like to thank our marketing agency, the State Security Agency,” Trisk quipped to the audience’s delight. This comment was made in reference to NB Publishers, the publishers of The President’s Keepers, who had received a cease-and-desist letter from the SSA demanding that the book be withdrawn and certain parts of the book retracted.

Having sold out on the first day, with another 30 000 copies published little over a week after its initial publication date, and all 980 copies which were on sale at the launch sold out before the launch began (people were queuing for an hour), the sales of this book have been unprecedented and the attempt to censor it has only fueled South Africans’ curiosity.

“This is insane,” Bruce laughed. “I first read this book about two months ago. It was so terrifying I had to keep on leaving the room. He is so courageous; so relentless.”

(A similar comment was made by another reader, currently halfway through the book: “I actually wish I wasn’t reading it. What Pauw’s exposing is sordid. Simply sordid.”)

Pauw said he’s expecting even bigger reactions from law enforcement agencies. “If only they can sue us; we can have a court case, but it’s not going to help the state. South Africa’s legal reaction at the moment shows complete idiocy in law enforcement agencies.”

This book is of relevance to all tax-paying South Africans, with Pauw stating that “[I]n the space of two to three years, over a billion rand of your money was spent on the PAN-project,” adding that the director general of the SSA, Arthur Fraser, forged former intelligence minister Ronnie Kasrils’s signature on the document which condones this intelligence programme.

Fraser’s family is considering taking legal steps against Pauw, for exposing Fraser to be what he truly is – one of the (many) Zuma keepers.

The installation of a server in Fraser’s house which gave him direct access to state security secrets can be added to the list of crimes and misdemeanours committed by those currently governing our country.

And Pauw doesn’t stop at Fraser…

The auditor general has no insight into the budget of the state, Pauw declares. Light is shed on the mysterious break-ins at the office of the Chief Justice. South Africa’s National Protection Agency is named (and shamed) as having a hand in ensuring Zuma’s corruption-ridden party remains in power.

Riveted? So were we. Unfortunately Eskom thought otherwise.

The blackout didn’t deter Pauw or the stalwart bibliophiles, with Pauw signing books (by cellphone light) until 23:30. Ja-nee, kyk. Pauw and our concerned, conscious South Africans aren’t going anywhere.

Take that, SSA.

The President's Keeper

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Sanlampryse vier 2017 se beste plaaslike jeugboeke

Sanlam en Tafelberg, ’n druknaam van NB-Uitgewers, kondig met trots die wenners van die 2017-Sanlampryse vir Jeuglektuur aan. Die wenboeke, wat die ryke verskeidenheid en talent in plaaslike jeugliteratuur bevestig, is gisteraand, 7 November 2017, in Johannesburg bekroon.

Die Sanlampryse word tweejaarliks toegeken vir nuwe manuskripte. Vir vanjaar se kompetisie is ’n rekordgetal van 134 inskrywings ontvang in die drie kategorieë – Afrikaans (33 inskrywings), Engels (55 inskrywings), Afrikatale (46 inskrywings in agt tale). Twee wenners (goud en silwer) is in elke kategorie aangewys. Prysgeld van altesaam R90 000 is toegeken nadat Sanlam die prysgeld tot R20 000 vir goud en R10 000 vir silwer in elke kategorie verhoog het.

Die ses wentitels sluit verhale in oor mishandeling, kuberboelies, die disintegrasie van gesinne, oorlewing in ’n post-apokaliptiese Suid-Afrika en verbode liefde, en weerspieël uitdagings waarmee jong mense van vandag worstel en kan identifiseer. Die 2017-wenners is:


Blou is nie 'n kleur nieCarin Krahtz, skrywer van die gewilde Elton April-jeugverhale, wen goud vir Blou is nie ’n kleur nie, ’n storie oor die disintegrasie van ’n disfunksionele voorstedelike gesin in Pretoria, gesien uit die oogpunt van die 16-jarige Vicky. Die beoordelaars het Blou is nie ’n kleur nie beskryf as ’n universele verhaal “wat jou op die krop van jou maag slaan”, maar wat getemper word met skerpsinnige dialoog en humor. Carin woon in Centurion.



  • Jan Vermeulen kry silwer for Soen, ’n speurverhaal “wat die leser deurgaans op die punt van sy stoel hou”. Dit gaan oor ’n gewilde en begaafde hoofseun wie se ongesonde obsessie met ’n jong onderwyseres hom amper sy lewe kos. Vermeulen het in 2002 goud gewen vir Geraamtes dra nie klere nie. Jan woon in Dispatch.




Hap Lesley Beake wen goud vir Hap, wat deur die keurders beskryf is as “’n goed gestruktureerde, pragtige grootwordroman”. Dit vertel die verhaal van ’n probleemtiener wat van New York na Suid-Afrika kom om tyd deur te bring saam met haar pa, wat besig is met argeologiese opgrawings aan die Kaapse weskus. Hier identifiseer sy met die fossiel van ’n jong vrou wat sy Hap noem. Lesley woon in Stanford.



New KeepersJayne Bauling wen silwer vir New Keepers, wat volgens die keurders “die gevoel gee van ’n Lauren Beukes-roman gekruis met Hunger Games”. Dit speel af in ’n post-apokaliptiese toekoms en volg die wel en wee van ’n seun wat ’n reis na die Wildlands adverteer vir diegene wat avontuur soek. Bauling het in 2013 goud gewen vir Dreaming of Light. Jayne woon in Witrivier.




Imibala YothandoGoud is toegeken aan die Zoeloeskrywer Dumisani Hlatswayo vir Imibala Yothando (“Die kleure van liefde”), wat deur die keurders beskryf is as “’n onneersitbare verhaal van liefde, verraad, jaloesie en grootword in die sosialemedia-era”. Die hoofkarakter, Sinenhlanhla, word na ’n nuwe skool in Soweto gestuur waar sy deur ’n kuberboelie geteister word. Dumisani woon in Somerset-Oos.



Mamello’n Debuutskrywer, Lebohang Pheko, wen silwer vir Mamello (Sesotho). Mamello is ’n jong meisie wie se ouers haar verbied om skool toe te gaan, maar wat daarvan droom om ’n menseregteprokureur te word. Dié boek is deur die keurders beskryf as “’n perfekte verhaal van hoe ’n mens teëspoed in die lewe te bowe kan kom”, met die krag van onderwys en vergifnis as hooftemas. Lebohang woon in Virginia.



Die wenmanuskripte is deur Tafelberg ontwikkel en uitgegee, in sowel gedrukte as e-boekformaat. Manuskripte is anoniem gekeur sodat debuutskrywers op ’n gelyke voet met gevestigde skrywers kan meeding.

250 woorde per dag

Om die kompetisie meer toeganklik te maak vir jong en opkomende skrywers, en hulle te motiveer om hul manuskripte van 25 000 woorde betyds te voltooi, kon aspirantskrywers deelneem aan Sanlam se “250 woorde per dag”-veldtog op Facebook. Hier is hulle aangemoedig om 250 woorde per dag te skryf, waarna hulle terugvoering ontvang het van bekende skrywers wat as mentors opgetree het.

“Dié veldtog het die kompetisie nie net meer interaktief gemaak en ons ’n wyer gehoor laat bereik nie, maar ook daartoe bygedra dat ons 60 inskrywings meer as vir die vorige kompetisie ontvang het,” sê Michelle Cooper, uitgewer van kinder-en-jeugboeke by Tafelberg. “’n Ongelooflike 48 inskrywings is van debuutskrywers ontvang, wat die sukses van die Facebook-veldtog onderstreep.”

Sedert die Sanlampryse in 1980 die eerste keer toegeken is, is nagenoeg 80 inskrywings vir skole voorgeskryf. “Dit bevestig die waarde van die kompetisie vir die ontwikkeling van plaaslike jeuglektuur van gehalte,” sê Cooper. Op die lang lys van voorgeskrewe wentitels is onder meer Praise Song deur Jenny Robson, Kungasa Ngifile deur E.D.M. Sibaya, Leba Seipone deur Kabelo Duncan Kgatea, SuperZero deur Darrel Bristow-Bovey en Hoopvol deur Derick van der Walt. Rolprente is ook van sommige titels gemaak, soos Lien se lankstaanskoene deur Derick van der Walt en Die ongelooflike avonture van Hanna Hoekom deur Marita van der Vyver.

Die pryse is oorhandig deur Lebogang Monyatsi, hoof van groepmarkontwikkeling en belanghebbende-betrekkinge by Sanlam, en Eloise Wessels, besturende direkteur van Media24 Boeke, waarvan NB-Uitgewers en Tafelberg deel uitmaak.

“Ons is bevoorreg en trots om deel te wees van hierdie wonderlike inisiatief van Sanlam om nuwe skryftalent te ontwikkel en letterkunde van gehalte vir jeuglesers in al ons amptelike tale te skep,” sê Eloise Wessels. “Min dinge is so die moeite werd as om dit vir jong mense moontlik te maak om boeke oor hul eie werklikhede in hul eie taal te kan lees. Daarby speel dit ook ’n groot rol in die bevordering van geletterdheid en ’n liefde vir boeke, wat lewenslank vrugte dra.”

Die prysfunksie, wat by Exclusive Books in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, gehou is, was ook gemik op jong mense. Uittreksels uit die wentitels is deur leerders van St Mary’s School, Waverley voorgelees, en die Amazwi-koor van die St Stithians Girls’ College het opgetree. Ook teenwoordig was hoofde van Sanlam se Blue Ladder-skole, wat elk eksemplare van die wentitels ontvang het.

Inskrywings ingewag

Inskrywings word nou ingewag vir die 2019-Sanlampryse vir Jeuglektuur. Inskrywingsvorms is beskikbaar by en die sluitingsdatum is 5 Oktober 2019.

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“I knew it was going to elicit some reaction from the law enforcement agencies”: Jacques Pauw discusses The President’s Keepers with Eusebius McKaiser

The President's KeeperInvestigative journalist Jacques Pauw exposes the darkest secrets at the heart of Jacob Zuma’s compromised government: a cancerous cabal that eliminates the president’s enemies and purges the law-enforcement agencies of good men and women.

As Zuma fights for his political life following the 2017 Gupta emails leak, this cabal – the president’s keepers – ensures that after years of ruinous rule, he remains in power and out of prison. But is Zuma the puppet master, or their puppet?

Journey with Pauw as he explores the shadow mafia state. From KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape to the corridors of power in Pretoria and Johannesburg – and even to clandestine meetings in Russia. It’s a trail of lies and spies, cronies, cash and kingmakers as Pauw prises open the web of deceit that surrounds the fourth president of the democratic era.

‘An amazing piece of work, stuffed with anecdote and evidence. It will light fires all through the state and the ANC.’ Peter Bruce

‘This is dynamite. Dynamite that will shake the foundations of the halls of power.’ Max du Preez

Journalist and author Jacques Pauw was a founder member of the anti-apartheid Afrikaans newspaper Vrye Weekblad in the late 1980s, where he exposed the Vlakplaas police death squads. He worked for some of the country’s most esteemed publications before becoming a documentary filmmaker, producing documentaries on wars and conflicts in Rwanda, Burundi, Algeria, Liberia, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone, among other countries.

When he left journalism in 2014, he was the head of investigations at Media24 newspapers. He has won the CNN African Journalist of the Year Award twice, the Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting in the US, Italy’s Ilaria Alpi and the Nat Nakasa award for bravery and integrity in journalism. He is the author of five books: four nonfiction and one fiction. They are In the Heart of the Whore, Into the Heart of Darkness, Dances with Devils, Rat Roads and Little Ice Cream Boy. Three of his books have been shortlisted for major literary awards.

Pauw recently discussed his book – dubbed the biggest political exposé to hit South Africa – with Eusebius McKasier. Listen to their conversation here:

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Publishers asked to remove The President’s Keepers by Jacques Pauw from circulation – response by the attorneys

The President's Keeper

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Launch: The President’s Keepers by Jacques Pauw (9 November)

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Illegal sharing of The President’s Keepers on social media

Get your copy here.

The President's Keeper

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